1. from the archives: History & Philosophy

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  2. Hot off the presses @ Tip Type in Pittsburgh after two years of distillation and following the exhibition “Circles of Commotion and Moving Pauses” @ SPACE Gallery Pittsburgh: c.o.c.a.m.p. the book/block. With texts by Abby Donovan and Tom Hughes and images by Brandon Boan.


  3. An Orrery of Sorts

    In a classic orrery the cosmic relationship of planets and stars, which has at its root abstract principles of the curvature of space and time, is replicated by an intricate yet also somehow clunky, highly non-abstract, construction. Our orrery similarly displays cosmic connections. Swing swan songs of infinity. At the end of his life Alexander von Humboldt wrote that you cannot begin to comprehend the cosmos until you take the imaginary into account. The magic circle of art. Here in An Orrery of Sorts we find that magic circle opening up the space in light. It’s a photonic communication.

    One time Tom was explaining to me the difference between general and special relativity, and I understood him to say that times of change are difficult to describe, you need a special language. So times of change or transition: we need to invent new apparatus/mechanisms for communicating them. What is moving? What is not? How do we reflect the relative motion of existence? Is time a condition of objects and humans or one or the other.

    Observations, employing instruments of different construction, and we would like to fix our choice upon those which appear to be the most exact.

  4. Prototypical Orrery. Preliminary studio sketches of orrery motion, now powered by air from fans. Ceiling projections approximately 12 x 10 ft 


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  5. The Ballad of Joe Plateau

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  6. Instruments of Observation: Orrery Mechanism VII Spring 2014. Photography by Brian Wagner.

  7. Instruments of Observation: Orrery Mechanism IX,
    Spring 2014. Photography by Brian Wagner.


  8. On Kristen Morgin, Annabeth Rosen, and Brandon Boan.

  9. Where to find us in Athens. Here, Wednesday @ 5:30pm Lamar Dodd School of Art and

    Here http://www.slingshotathens.com/art/
    Friday 9pm Creature Comforts downtown Athens

  10. Spectroscopic Moorings Continued, or,

    Swing Swan Songs of Infinity 2014

    studio trials of projections